Complete, end-to-end KYC solutions

Establish and strengthen your correspondent banking relationships using our portfolio of know your customer services.

KYC activities represent a major share of compliance effort and cost for correspondent banks. Together we’re changing this picture.

The KYC Registry is the global repository for up-to-date due diligence documents and data for correspondent banks and funds players. KYC Adverse Media and the SWIFT Traffic Profile complete our KYC portfolio, and SWIFTRef Bankers World Online complements our KYC offering.

Available separately, the KYC Registry Security Attestation Application lets SWIFT users demonstrate their compliance with SWIFT’s Customer Security Controls Framework.

Our KYC solutions

The KYC Registry

Exchange KYC information simply and securely, increasing transparency while eliminating costly and redundant document exchanges.

  • High-quality, validated data
  • Greater efficiency, lower costs
  • Transparent correspondent banking relationships
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KYC Adverse Media

Unlimited access to news coverage and regulator ‘profile notes’ about your correspondents.

  • Monitor negative news coverage
  • Information on legal entities
  • Notes from regulators
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SWIFT Traffic Profile

The SWIFT Traffic Profile report highlights exposures to high-risk or sanctioned territories in your institution’s global correspondent network.

  • Counterparty exposures
  • Correspondent transparency
  • Fact-based intelligence
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If you need more...

SWIFTRef Bankers World Online

Identify opportunities for new correspondent banking relationships using our world-class reference data and financial information.

  • Updated daily
  • KYC Registry access
  • Save time on manual research
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The KYC Registry Security Attestation Application

Submit self-attestation data to confirm your organisation’s level of compliance with SWIFT’s Customer Security Controls Framework.

  • Exchange information with counterparties
  • Demonstrate transparency and compliance
  • Secure, open-access tool
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About Know Your Customer

It’s a huge challenge for financial institutions to keep up with ever-changing global KYC regulation – and a delicate balancing act to ensure effectiveness, manage costs and use resources efficiency. But SWIFT is helping banks of all sizes and locations to do just that.

Our KYC solutions provide access to the most complete and accurate KYC datasets on a secure global platform. Large banks spend less time collecting data, and more time evaluating the risks associated with existing relationships and new clients.

And, contributing data to The KYC Registry enables smaller banks to demonstrate transparency and compliance to their correspondents, strengthening business relationships, while lowering associated costs.

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