Watch Traffic

Analyse global message volumes to understand the market. Benchmark performance against peer groups, review operations, message costs and billing data

Watch Traffic analyses your message volumes, costs and billing data

Watch Traffic delivers operational business intelligence through three distinct products:   

Traffic Analytics offers access to your FIN, InterAct and FileAct traffic volumes sent and received by your institution, for easy analysis. You can drill down by message type, BIC, counterparty and geography.

Filter the data for a clear view of your markets and operations:

  • Which are your most active counterparties and business units?
  • Where are the best straight-through processing rates?
  • Where could improvements be made?

View your data against aggregated SWIFT totals and benchmark your institution’s performance in key markets. 

Add Message Cost Analytics to improve operational efficiency by viewing average message costs, fixed charges, number of chargeable units and more.

Complete the picture with Billing Analytics for a global view of your total SWIFT costs per product and service.

Your data is available for the previous two years, plus year to date, updated monthly.

Watch Traffic provides unique operational data and intelligence

Consolidated FIN, InterAct and FileAct traffic volume data is only available from SWIFT. View your data against SWIFT total volumes for unique market and operational insights.

Filters and analyses your data through multiple dimensions and views

The interactive suite of data lets you build dynamic reports and graphical views across message types, BICs, counterparties, countries and time periods.

It’s easy to save and share reports and views

With Watch Traffic, it’s easy to export and save reports, views and templates and share them online with your colleagues, for added value and efficiency.

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