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Analysing your message volumes, values, payload and costs data

The unique and neutral data in Watch can be immediately consumed and allows you to easily identify market trends, spot exceptions, detect new product opportunities, better manage costs and risks, and benchmark your institution against national, regional and global markets. 

  • Watch Traffic Analytic offers access to your FIN, InterAct and FileAct traffic volumes compares them to Swift totals.
  • Watch Banking Analytics gives you details about FIN and InterAct traffic values sent and received by your institution, and compares them to  Swift totals. You can delve into the message content to understand the true value behind your transactional activity and analyse your currency volumes.
  • Watch Banking Analytics Premium allows you to improve the services you offer to customers, drive the sales force where opportunities exist and look at product enhancements targeted to specific markets.
  • Watch Message Cost Analytics improves operational efficiency by viewing average message costs, fixed charges, number of chargeable units and more.
  • Watch Message Cost Analytics provides a consolidated view of your billed FIN, InterAct and FileAct traffic.

Your data is available for the previous three years, plus year to date.

Our Watch portfolio offers valuable support in achieving your sales, marketing, financial and operational objectives.

Discover the Watch Suite portfolio

Unique operational data and intelligence

Consolidated FIN, InterAct and FileAct traffic volume data is only available from Swift. View your data against Swift total volumes for unique market and operational insights.

Filters and analyses your data through multiple dimensions and views

The interactive suite of data lets you build dynamic reports and graphical views across message types, BICs, counterparties, countries and time periods.

Easy to save and share reports and views

Easy to export and save reports, views and templates, and share them online with colleagues, helping you work more efficiently.

Explore Watch Traffic

Find out how Watch Traffic can enhance your operational decision making.