Be GDP-aware with the SWIFT Index

Our fact-based indices give an early indication of short-term GDP evolution, based on global SWIFT data.

Short term GDP forecasting to support your decision making

Economic indicators are critical to effective decision making. But fact-based indicators often lag, rather than anticipate, change.

Variations in the volume of worldwide SWIFT customer payments messages (MT103) offer factual and early indicator of economic activity evolution.

SWIFT developed a methodology for modelling and anticipating GDP growth by combining global payments data with actual quarterly GDP growth figures, to calculate estimates of short-term GDP evolution.

To test and validate our model, we worked in collaboration with the Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (CORE – Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium), a leading inter-disciplinary research institute.

The SWIFT Index includes a range of regional/country-specific indices, updated monthly to provide GDP year on year growth estimates for the current quarter (Nowcasting) and the following quarter (Forecasting). 

Use the SWIFT Index to stay GDP-aware, and inform your strategic planning.

The SWIFT Index is freely available to registered users.

Fact-based, early leading indicator of GDP growth

The SWIFT Index brings you timely, fact-based GDP forecasts based on live payments data, updated monthly.

Independently validated methodology and modelling

The model used by the SWIFT Index has been tested and validated in collaboration with a leading inter-disciplinary research institute.

Informs your decision making and assists your strategic planning

The SWIFT Index helps you react quickly to economic changes, informs your market and strategy decisions, allows increased accuracy of return-generating models.

Be GDP-aware with the SWIFT Index