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Our visual dashboards provide immediate insights into your correspondent banking business. For better decision making.

The Banking Insights cash management and payments dashboard

Instant insights into your cash management and payments performance.  

The cash management and payments dashboard offers specific insights, at BIC8 level, into your correspondent banking performance derived from your SWIFT message data. It covers: Customer Transfers and Cheques (Category 1), Financial Institutional Transfers (Category 2) and Cash Management and Customer Status messages (Category 9).

Business intelligence, BI

There are six analysis options:

  • Scope analysis shows your total volumes and values over SWIFT, their evolution and your ranking within your BIC8 country or compared to the SWIFT total.
  • Portfolio analysis helps visualise your data according to currency and message type.
  • Footprint analysis helps visualise your data according to region and country, displaying the data as an interactive map.
  • Activity share analysis compares your data to the overall market.
  • You can also look at your activity with market infrastructures.
  • There’s also an option to view a comparison against an average peer group

Select and tailor views from a range of data elements, providing instant and valuable business intelligence for clear business decisions.

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Last update: 
22 December 2017

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