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End of support announced for Accord

What's New

SWIFT secure e-mailing practices now limit the use of embedded links. The regular mailings from SWIFT to Accord users will now indicate this What’s New section at the start of the Accord webpage as the place to quickly find the most recent documentation.

  • Accord Migration Guide
    • This document is for project managers responsible for the execution of the migration of an Accord customer to an alternative matching solution.
  • Accord Retirement: Impact on Contract and Billing Process - updated
    • This sheet explains how SWIFT will calculate the annual service fee for Accord, and the contractual and fee implications for those wishing to maintain access to their Long Term Archive data.
  • Matching Rules Guide
    • This guide provides an overview of the matching rules that SWIFT recommends be applied to the Category 3 and Category 6 confirmation messages. This document is for business analysts responsible for designing matching rules for a matching application.
  • Migration Data Export Formats
    • This guide describes the data that can be exported via the Accord GUI for the following types of active transactions: Confirmations, Chaser messages and Customised matching rules (MRIs)
  • Migration Data Export Samples


Following an in-depth strategic review SWIFT has made the long term decision to retire Accord and help customers' transition to an alternative service by 31 October 2017.

All Accord services will run as normal, with no change (other than mandatory standards releases), until 31 October 2017. SWIFT customer support teams will continue to support Accord up until this time, and customers can be assured of SWIFT's ongoing focus on the security, reliability and availability of the Accord platform during this period.

The annual Accord service fee will be applied for the months that matching takes place, and will be pro-rated to the number of months you used Accord in any given year.

Make sure you view the latest SWIFT webinar (Tip 5020020) and subscribe to the Operational Newsletter to understand how SWIFT can help your transition to an alternative solution.  A generic email is available to which you can address your concerns and questions:

SWIFT has launched a new service to copy trade confirmation messages to third party matching service providers. The Confirmation Copy service enables Accord customers to select an alternative matching solution to receive copies of confirmations of their instruments traded, for all their branches and their counterparties.

Accord documentation

  • Matching Rules Guide
    • This guide provides an overview of the matching rules that SWIFT recommends be applied to the Category 3 and Category 6 confirmation messages. This document is for business analysts responsible for designing matching rules for a matching application.
  • Accord User-Defined Matching Instructions
    • This guide describes how an Accord user can set-up customised matching rules.    This will help to promote equivalent functionality in the replacement solution.

How to migrate from Accord

We recommend that you subscribe to the Accord Report which provides current and past information on trade volumes, counterparts, matching rates and user actions.  It can help during the provider selection phase and the testing phase. Consult the Accord Report page to subscribe.
The following documents and presentations provide all the information needed to enable you to successfully migrate from Accord to your chosen replacement solution.

Long Term Archive documentation

Accord Long Term Archive (LTA) customers can retain access to their archived data beyond 2017.  If you require access to your LTA archive data after 2017 then do not terminate your Accord contract.  Terminating your Accord contract means that all your LTA archive data will be permanently deleted.    If you wish to have access to your Long Term Archival of Accord after 2017 then use the Accord GUI to “Exclude” all message types to avoid being charged for matching fees.

Your annual LTA service fee remains fixed at the amount you paid in 2016

How to choose a Replacement Solution

SWIFT Consulting Services have designed a set of packages to assist you through the various phases of your migration. Trained SWIFT experts can help you plan, position and implement your new solution.    For further details please contact your SWIFT Regional Account Manager or your nearest SWIFT office.

SWIFT has worked with all known matching providers to produce Profile Sheets that provide contact details, and describe their features relative to the functionality of Accord.  SWIFT has also provided a sample set of RFP type questions that can be re-used by all users to document their requirements in a standardized manner.

Matching Provider events

We will list here upcoming Matching Provider Event webex and meetings being organised by those matching service providers who are participating in the new SWIFT Confirmation Copy Service.




Event Date

Regional Time

Reference to quote:


Register by sending an email to this address




Monday 28 November 2016

11:30 GMT






Thursday 1 December 2016

08:00 GMT






Tuesday 13 December 2016

15:00 GMT



GST    = Gulf Standard Time (Dubai)
ET       = Eastern Time (New York)
SGT    = Singapore Time (Singapore)
MEST = Middle Europe Summer Time (Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Rome)
CET = Central European Time
BST = British Summer Time

Matching Provider Pre-Recorded Webinars

Please find below a number of links to  webinars from matching solution providers.

Note that information provided in these webinar recordings, and any associated collateral, has been supplied by the matching service providers, SWIFT has not verified the provided information and is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided. The information provided is exclusively meant to facilitate the comparison between the various vendor solutions relative to Accord, and does not imply any endorsement or certification by SWIFT regarding the quality, availability, or fitness for purpose of such solutions. Accord customers will receive the password to access these webinars below, and further content will be added over time.