Secure Channel

Secure Channel is an online application for security officers

How to get access to Secure Channel?

Step 2 - Profiles

You are a SWIFTNet security officer and want to register an additional one:

  • Log in to the Secure Channel application and go to manage security officers.
  • Grant the role of SWIFTNet security officer to the new security officer.
  • Sign the new registration with your Secure Code Card.
  • SWIFT will confirm the request and send a Secure Code Card to the new security officer.

How to become an Alliance security officer:

  • In the Manage your profile section, click User Profile.
  • Go to Accesses and activate the role "Is SWIFTAlliance LSO" or "Is SWIFTAlliance RSO" (or both) in your profile.
  • Your request will be sent to your administrator for approval.
  • Once your role is activated, you can view the licence keys from your institution's contracts.