Change your non-connected BIC and branch code

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Change your non-connected BIC and branch code

  • Read the BIC registration procedure and the BIC Policy which provide a general description of the rules related to the registration and the publication of BICs.

  • Before ordering a new non-connected BIC, you must register your organisation.

  • Upon registration of your organisation, you will receive credentials to access the form for ordering a non-connected BIC.

  • A non-connected BIC is always published in the ISO directory of BICs and in the different SWIFTRef directories.

  • A non-connected BIC is validated in the same way as a connected BIC in the text of a SWIFT message.

  • A non-connected BIC cannot be used in the header of a SWIFT message, otherwise it will be rejected by the SWIFT system.

  • A three character branch code is optional and may be used to identify a branch, a department or a service of the same organisation.

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Change your non-connected BIC and branch code

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