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Messaging services on the Integration Testbed (ITB)

Various test messaging services have been deployed for developers over SWIFT’s  Integration Testbed (ITB). It includes:

  • FIN
  • InterAct real-time 
  • InterAct  store&forward
  • FileAct real-time 
  • FileAct  store&forward

The functionality of these messaging services is similar to the ones deployed in the production environment. However, their performance and availability are not equivalent to those on the production environment, and they should not be used for performance or stress tests.

SWIFT integration testbed includes a dedicated Certification Authority. As a consequence, the SNL license and PKI certificates used in SWIFT production environment cannot be used to access the ITB.

These services allow the exchange of messages and files with SWIFT, ensuring the compatibility of the messaging flow with SWIFTNet central processing systems, such as message format validation, archiving, delivery notification, and network acknowledgement.

Subscription to these test messaging services is free of charge. Dedicated subscription forms are available on-line as follows :

*Note that you need to set up a direct or indirect connectivity to SWIFT to access these test services.