Interface packs

Integration with SWIFT Interfaces and network

ITB Connectivity pack

The SWIFT Integration Testbed (ITB) connectivity pack is provided for development and test purpose to all developers.


Alliance Connect Bronze
This basic pack uses the Internet to access SWIFTNet. It includes Internet DSL port fees and VPN Box , and allows to reuse an existing internet connection. This pack replaces the dial-up connectivity pack.

Security products
Including security officers’ registration, HSM tokens, and PKI Certificates.




The ITB Connectivity pack gives access to all test messaging services and test messages of the tank file. This allows validating any MT, MX and FpML messages against current and future SWIFT standards syntax and semantic rules.


Registered vendors, SWIFT users and Service Bureaus can order the ITB Connectivity pack at the following conditions.

ITB Connectivity pack   One-time fee Yearly recurring fee
Alliance Connect Bronze Port fee 0 2400 EUR
  2 VPN Box + shipment 1650 USD 120 USD
SWIFTNet Link (Tier 1)   0 USD 1900 USD
2 Security officers registration   0 1000 EUR
8 HSM tokens   500 USD 0
SWIFT Messging services over ITB FIN (ITB 0 0
  FileAct Store and Forward (ITB)    
  FileAct Real Time (ITB)    
  InterAct Store and Forward (ITB)    
  InterAct Real Time (ITB)    

This is an extract of SWIFT Price List that can change from time to time. In case of inconsistency, SWIFT Price List supersedes the pricing listed here.