Developer kits

SWIFT provides different developer kits to tightly integrate with SWIFT and develop business add-ons for Alliance Interfaces.

Alliance Gateway Developer kit (GDK)

The Alliance Gateway Developer kit provides the APIs for the integration of third party applications or middleware using SWIFTNet FileAct and/or InterAct in real-time or store-and-forward modes.


  • Alliance Gateway run-time on any platform (AIX, Solaris and/or Windows)
  • Training
    • 2 days developer training course for two developers, which will be delivered upon your request in our Technical Training Centre in Belgium. Additional participants will be charged EUR 1.400 per person.
    • Alternatively, we can deliver the two-days developer training at your premises, at a 10% reduction on the daily expert fee for standard Tailored training.
    • Before attending this course, we recommend you to attend the classroom course ‘Introduction to SWIFT connectivity’ or complete the eTraining module ‘Understanding SWIFTNet services and security’.
    • Note: if you prefer a customised training session, it will be charged at the official SWIFT Training rates for Tailored training.
    • For all information, please contact SWIFT Training or
  • Alliance Gateway Developer documentation and sample source code

  • Alliance Gateway host-adapters run-time and developer license:

    • Remote API Host Adapter (RAHA), providing C++ API

    • WebSphere MQSeries Host Adapter (MQHA)

    • Transaction Delivery Agent (TDA)

    • Web Service Host Adapter (WSHA), providing SOAP interoperability

  • Alliance WebStation, a web–based interface to configure and monitor the Gateway

  • Access to SWIFT developer support and knowledge base

  • Entitlement to all Alliance Gateway releases (delivered on DVD) and patches (available on SWIFT download center)


The Alliance Gateway Developer kit allows the development of SWIFT interface for FIN, FileAct and InterAct services. Browsed- based services require both the Gateway and the WebStation developer kits. Note that, as of Alliance Release 7.0, all FileAct and InterAct interfaces developed on RAHA or MQHA will need to pass through the Interface qualification program prior to be allowed on the market.


Registered vendors and SWIFT customers can order the Alliance Gateway Developer kit with ITB connectivity at following conditions.


Gateway Developer kit (ADK)

Supported Standards

Adapters available

Messaging services

One-time fee

Yearly recurring fee

Alliance Gateway developer Toolkit


API (C++), MQ, File, SOAP

InterAct and FileAct

USD 60,000

USD 12,000

ITB Connectivity for GDK

One-time fee

Yearly recurring fee

ITB Connectivity pack

5950 USD +/- 3500 EUR
  • This is an extract of SWIFT Price List that can change from time to time. In case of inconsistency, SWIFT Price List supersedes the pricing listed here.
  • SWIFT Users that already have a run-time Alliance Gateway are granted a 50 % rebate on the Gateway Developer kit one-time fee.
  • SWIFT Service providers may receive the Alliance Gateway run-time free of charge for training purpose only. Please check with your account manager.