The KYC Registry

A secure, shared platform to exchange standardised Know Your Customer data

Pricing information for The KYC Registry and SWIFT Traffic Profile

Below you’ll find details of fees and pricing for using The KYC Registry and SWIFT Traffic Profile. There’s no fee to sign up and contribute your data to the Registry, and during 2017, we’re offering further incentives. So now’s the time to get onboard and start enjoying the benefits.

No fee to contribute

There is no charge for joining The KYC Registry managed service and contributing documentation on your own institution’s entities.

Multiple entities (BIC8 or BIC11 legal entities) can contribute to The KYC Registry under the same subscription.

Fees to consult your correspondent's data

An annual fee applies for consulting KYC data from other institutions’ BIC8 or BIC11 legal entities. This per-entity fee gives authorised users at your institution unlimited access to that entity’s data until the end of the current calendar year.

The annual data usage fee will be capped in 2017, providing clarity about total costs.

Enterprise Licence

The Enterprise Licence allows larger institutions to optimise data usage fees and avoid cost duplication.

SWIFT Traffic Profile reports

The annual fee for customers requesting their institution’s SWIFT Traffic Profile reports is EUR 2,500. This fee includes the initial report, plus three quarterly updates.

There is no additional fee for consulting counterparties’ SWIFT Traffic Profiles (this is included in the data usage fee).

Invoicing arrangements

You will be invoiced for the KYC Registry usage fee annually in January, based on the number of entity’s datasets consulted during the previous calendar year.

For the SWIFT Traffic Profile, you will be invoiced in January for that calendar year.


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