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Unlocking your compliance processes efficiently

40 min - Join us to discover the benefits of SWIFTRef and KYC Registry services

The current COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated remote working across the globe, and working from home has become the new normal.

Under these circumstances, the competitiveness emerges on how financial institutions can smartly and efficiently streamline their back-office operations to optimise investment strategies for Asset Managers.

What is the reality? Are you still suffering from paper faxes, calls for dual-checks and confirmation, which hinder your operations, especially when you rely on multiple resources in compliance processes? 

This 40-minute webinar is aimed at Asset Managers to discover ways to transform your compliance processes into paperless operations through using SWIFTRef and KYC Registry.

SWIFTRef is reference data and financial information services for your seamless payments processing, accurate regulatory reporting, and precise counterparty risk analysis.

KYC Registry is the global, central repository to share and collect KYC information by reducing duplication, and accelerating operations on AML & KYC in complex compliance requirements.

What will be covered in this webinar:

[SWIFTRef (15 mins)]

  • Introduction to SWIFTRef
  • SWIFTRef for Compliance and Regulatory Reporting for Asset Managers
  • SWIFTRef for customer experience
  • SWIFTRef for Payments for Asset Managers

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[KYC Registry (25 mins)]

  • Introduction to KYC Registry
  • KYC Registry, standardised KYC data contributing/consuming service for Asset Managers
  • KYC Registry, with curated Adverse Media service for Asset Managers

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