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Supporting your ISO 20022 journey

Find out more about the changes SWIFT has made to the release plans and the resources available to you.

To align with SWIFT’s updated ISO 20022 adoption plan and reduce the operational burden on customers in 2020, we have made changes to the release plans for ISO 20022 support for SWIFT messaging and interfaces releases.

We invite you to listen to our on-demand webinar recording series. Helping support you in your ISO journey, these webinars detail:

  • The updated release plans and new ISO 20022 adoption approach
  • A deep dive on payments 
  • Pacs and camt message mapping
  • Resources available 

The webinar recordings, which are available in English and Spanish, aim to provide more insights to assist your planning for the adoption to ISO 20022 from now until the end 2022.

Watch in English Ver en Español

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There are currently no scheduled sessions for this webinar.