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Standards Release 2021: UETR on MT 101 and MT 103

1 hour – Requirements for the Standards Release 2021 and specifically the UETR validation rules on FIN

Since the introduction of mandatory UETR (Unique End-to-end Tracking Reference) in 2018 in 7 payment MT messages, SWIFT observed that UETR may not be properly generated. See details on What are UETRs and are you ready to process them?

When UETR are reused in different transactions, the tracking becomes impossible and this issue is causing additional cost to the community and burden on operational teams in charge of the manual investigation.

SWIFT will launch in November 2021 a set of validation rules that prevent the reuse of UETR in MT 101 and MT 103, and the non-compliant messages will be NAK.

These webinars will explore:

  • What are the Standards Release 2021 requirements for UETR
  • Why is SWIFT validating the UETR
  • What are the new FIN UETR validation rules
  • How to prepare to Standards Release 2021 - UETR validation
  • How to manage a FIN NAK after November 2021

Register today to secure your place. Attendance is free for registered banks and financial institutions with a live BIC8 – we hope to see you soon.

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