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Standardising APIs: Powering the platform economy

An exclusive webinar from SWIFT and SmartBear looking at how to strengthen API harmonisation and collaboration.

APIs are central to delivering effective open banking and helping fuel collaboration between banks and FinTechs, but how can we avoid disorder and fragmentation?

The creation and adoption of APIs is increasing at an astonishing rate. Nowhere is this more apparent than in financial services. However, with rapid growth and globalisation has come disorder and fragmentation, making it harder for financial institutions to realise the benefits of an open platform economy.  

SWIFT and SmartBear have joined forces to strengthen API harmonization, adoption and collaboration. Register for this special webinar looking at the future of API innovation across the industry.

  • The challenge and risks of broad API harmonization 
  • API lifecycle – modeling, publishing and consuming
  • How to model new APIs to align with business goals
  • Addressing security and identity risks
  • A live demo of the SmartBear / SwaggerHub tool
  • Insights into how we are accelerating API design


Neil Munro, API Lifecycle Product Mgr., SWIFT
Richard Tomusk, API Lifecycle Product Mgr., SWIFT
Joseph Joyce, API Solutions Engineer, SmartBear – SwaggerHub

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There are currently no scheduled sessions for this webinar.