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Sanctions Screening & WebAccess Migration

Screening & Industry best practices

SWIFT has organized a series of free webinar sessions that covered the topics below:

  • Required configuration and validation for the mandatory Web Access migration
  • New MTs and regulatory lists
  • Industry and screening best practices

This will help you get ready for this upcoming migration and learn more about the enhancements and screening best practices seen through the community.

Please follow our webinar to find out more about these topics and learn how you can get ready for this upcoming Migration which enables the removal of Java Applets and facilitate access between Sanctions Screening and other WebAccess services.

What has to be done: Review firewall configuration to allow connection to the new IP addresses (as mentioned in the Knowledge base TIP 5023282).

The webinar is jointly hosted by Didier Bollaerts, SWIFT Development team and Asma Baurtally, Product Manager, SWIFT.

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Sanctions Screening webinar on WebAccess Migration and best practices slides
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There are currently no scheduled sessions for this webinar.