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KYC Registry and Adverse Media

One stop shop for your KYC

In times of fake news and targeted misinformation, researching and finding reliable information about a counterparty remains an ongoing challenge. Missing important updates might cause a regulatory challenge, and constantly monitoring unstructured news-sources is highly complex, time consuming and expensive.

To address this challenge, The KYC Registry and Dow Jones are jointly offering a curated Adverse Media Service that is available to all customers of The KYC Registry.

Please follow our webinar to find out how you can access high-quality curated news and regulatory content on the KYC Registry to help you streamline your client onboarding and customer monitoring process.

The webinar is jointly hosted by David Hodgson, Head of Content Strategists, Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, and Muriel Dewingaerden, KYC Registry Product Manager, SWIFT.

It covers:

  • Adverse Media challenges faced by the industry
  • Dow Jones Adverse Media Entities data set - High-quality and structured negative news
  • How to access negative news content from Dow Jones Risk & Compliance through your KYC Registry portal

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KYC Registry and Adverse Media webinar slides
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