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The global provider
of secure financial messaging services

SIP for for application/connectivity vendors

The Shared Infrastructure Programme (SIP) for application/connectivity vendors

Three years on from Bangladesh

45 minute session - Tackling fraud with SWIFT Payment Controls

ISO 20022 for payments

Enabling a hyper-connected payment world

ISO 20022 for API & New Technologies

Simplify integration of new technologies and services into your existing systems and processes

Sanctions Screening & WebAccess Migration

Screening & Industry best practices

KYC Registry and Adverse Media

One stop shop for your KYC

Be prepared for the migration to ISO 20022

Make sure you are well informed and prepared for the migration to ISO 20022.

SWIFT on Innovation

How SWIFT gpi can support Capital Markets Institutions

How to reduce post-trade costs in FX

Costs and risks in FX are spiralling. Cutting them is a priority.