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SWIFT新ISO 20022跨境支付战略 中文线上分享会




SWIFT와 함께하는 자산운용기관 컴플라이언스 프로세스 효율화

40분 웹세미나: SWIFTRef와 KYC Registry 서비스를 확인하세요

ISO 20022 updated release plans – FAQ

Join us to learn more about the updated release plans and approach to ISO 20022 adoption

Transaction Monitoring Model Validation

Are your core controls effective?

Unlocking your compliance processes efficiently

40 min - Join us to discover the benefits of SWIFTRef and KYC Registry services

ISO 20022 support in 2020 – updated release plans

Find out more about the changes SWIFT has made to the release plans and how this...

Helping keep trade moving during exceptional times

SWIFT will support the trade community by providing FileAct and MT 759 messages free of charge...

New approach to ISO 20022 adoption for partners

Tune into this webinar to learn more about our updated approach to ISO 20022 adoption, how...