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Managing risk with Payment Controls

1 HOUR - Learn about risks that could affect your outgoing SWIFT payments and which controls you could put in place to mitigate these.

As the payment landscape continues to evolve, so too do the internal and external risk vectors faced by banks.

The incidence and variety of fraud attempts grows by the day as criminal activity becomes more sophisticated. Fraud attempts can impact you, your end customers, or your counterparts. At the same time, payments operations teams are under increasing pressure and honest mistakes can happen, especially when dealing with a high volume of transactions. With automation and digitisation, manual error risks may have reduced; but this has also increased the risk of potential system issues leading to errors and operational loss events. And all of this is happening in a context where cross-border payments are settling faster than ever before.

Join us for an interactive webinar where we will discuss some of the different payment risk scenarios and how Payment Controls can help you counter them.

In this webinar, join our team of industry experts for key insights into:
  • An overview of payment anomalies: what’s behind them? An innocent error or a sophisticated attack?
  • How can you take a risk-based approach to respond appropriately?
  • What payment alerting and blocking technologies are available from SWIFT?
  • What does the future hold with regards to anomaly detection especially in the world of instant and frictionless payments?
Who should join?

This webinar is free and designed for banks, in particular commercial banks’ payments business/operations, anti-fraud and/or cyber-risk departments.

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