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ISO 20022 series of webinars for APAC

1h-1h30 - Join us in this journey and get prepared for the evolutionary changes in cross border payments and beyond.

The world is moving towards ISO 20022. Over 70 countries around the world are adopting this common financial messaging standard. It is estimated that by 2025, 80% of transaction values and 85% of transaction volumes of high value payment will be based on ISO 20022. It becomes the key standard for next generation payment schemes – instant payments, open banking over APIs and many more. It is a new business language for business processes that everyone in the financial community has to master as we prepare for the global payment modernisation.

This next wave of innovation is about data and customer insight. With the rich and structured data, ISO 20022 is a key enabler to unlock the power of data.

ISO 20022 migration is not just another IT project, everyone in the financial community need to familiarise themselves with the new messaging standard, prepare properly in order to realize the business benefits and get the most out of it.

To make the transition less disruptive to industry and to minimise the industry cost, the SWIFT Board and Executives endorsed a new phased adoption plan that is supported by centralised transaction management capabilities. Our platform will evolve to orchestrate transactions end – to – end and deliver new capabilities while banks will be able to adopt at their own pace. The new approach and platform evolution will make payments faster, richer and smarter. SWIFT will enable transactions to move instantly and frictionless from account – to – account across the whole payment value chains.

Our team of experts at SWIFT will cover the following key ISO topics and provide you with the latest update and of course, a chance to ask questions.

  • SWIFT Strategy update 
  • Update on the ISO 20022 CBPR+ message usage guidelines
  • Update on the SWIFT infrastructure
  • The customer readiness roadmap and what you need to do

Please note that each session is specifically tailor-made to each region.  Please ensure that you register for the right session: (ie: if you are based in ASEAN, please register for the first session).

Region/Country Time and Date
ASEAN region Nov 19, 2020 (Thursday) @2:00 pm SGT
India Nov 23, 2020 (Monday) @ 10:00 am IST
Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh Nov 24, 2020 (Tuesday) @ 10:00 am IST
Pacific Islands Dec 2 (Wednesday) @ 12:30 pm AEDT
China Dec 3 (Thursday) @ 9:30 am CST
Korea Dec 4 (Friday) @ 10:30 am KST
Japan Dec 17 (Thursday) @ 10:00 am JST


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