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ISO 20022 for payments

Enabling a hyper-connected payment world

Thank you for your interest in our recent webinar series on ISO 20022 and its power to create a hyper-connected payments world. Download the webinar recording.

With customer expectations skyrocketing, payments infrastructures globally are upgrading their systems to make sure they can offer the fast and frictionless payment experience of the future.

Domestic payments are moving to instant, 24/7 operations; and SWIFT’s global payment innovation (gpi) is driving unprecedented transformation in cross-border payments. So, the prospect of a hyper-connected payment world is emerging – a future where payments move seamlessly through domestic systems, across borders and to beneficiaries – instantly.

Making it happen: A global payment language

To help make this happen, and ensure payments flow freely between platforms and infrastructures, all players globally must speak the same, open payments language – ISO 20022. Platforms around the world are already shifting to this modern payments language, which supports both mature and emerging technologies as well as full automation of payment and compliance screening.

Yet, the impact of this shift on payment operators cannot be underestimated. All players will need to modify all their cross-border & domestic payment systems and applications to process and handle ISO 20022 messages. 

Join this webinar to find out why now’s the time to invest time and resources to prepare for ISO 20022 and learn how SWIFT can help you on this journey.

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