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ISO 20022 Implementation Strategy Update

An update from the Federal Reserve Bank and The Clearing House

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A global shift is just around the corner as the financial community has agreed that November 2021 marks the beginning of the move to ISO 20022. The transition will begin in November 2021 and coexistence with the MT standard will run until November 2025. All users need to begin preparing now to be ready for November 2021.

Join this webinar for an update on the ISO 20022 programme, and to learn about the recent industry request for the Federal Reserve Bank and The Clearing House to re-evaluate their ISO 20022 adoption strategy.


Jim McDade, SVP, Product Management & Strategy, The Clearing House
Frank Van Driessche, AVP, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Neil Buchan, Senior Payment Expert, SWIFT

Attend the 60-minute webinar to learn about:

  • The Payments Market Practices Group’s (PMPG) request to revisit the implementation strategy ─ what is the request and why now?
  • New Fedwire and CHIPS ISO 20022 adoption strategies
  • Next steps in the ISO 20022 implementation journey

Watch recording

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