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ISO 20022 CBPR+ programme update

1 hour - We’re pleased to invite you to a one hour webinar covering the latest updates from the ISO 20022 CBPR+ programme.

CBPR+ pilot service live in November 2020

The SWIFT community of financial institutions and the CBPR+ working group have set the go-live target date for application and connectivity providers as November 2020. The update was made so that banks and other financial institutions have the time test their full payments infrastructure stack (connectivity, interface and applications) and select and integrate ‘CBPR+ ready’ products before SWIFT enables ISO 20022 messaging for CBPR+ from the end of 2022.

This extends the originally announced date by a year and the new approach allows financial institutions to adopt at their own pace. Coexistence with the MT standard will continue to run until November 2025.

The agenda for this webinar will include:

  • A recap of ISO 20022 benefits
  • The vendor readiness journey and what you need to do
  • Translation products and how to purchase them
  • Additional tools and support
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There are currently no scheduled sessions for this webinar.