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How to reduce post-trade costs in FX

Costs and risks in FX are spiralling. Cutting them is a priority.

The FX industry is ready for a post-trade infrastructure redesign

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Fragmentation and complexity inflate post-trade costs in FX. Multiple providers compete to match, confirm, aggregate, clear, net, credit-check, novate, allocate, reconcile, settle and report FX trades. Extensive manual intervention is still required, and work is duplicated across organisations. Market infrastructures have limited scope. Proprietary technologies are outdated, siloed or both. Costs are commensurately high, and the risks of settlement failure excessive.

With the FX industry under revenue and margin pressure, containing these costs and risks is imperative.

Join SWIFT and our guests for a review of the technologies, fintechs, utilities, vendors and service providers that are likely to have the biggest and fastest impact on post-trade costs in FX.

What you will learn in this 60-minute webinar:

  • The causes of excessive costs in post-trade FX
  • Solutions to cut those costs
  • How to remove obstacles to cost reduction

A panel of experts will share their ideas, insights and experience to help us identify the causes of inflated costs, the available solutions, and how we can remove obstacles to their adoption.

  • Mike Robertson, Global Head of Transactional FX Trading, BAML
  • Adrian Patten, Co-founder and Chairman, Cobalt
  • Alex Walker, Head of Post-Trade, FX, Refinitiv
  • Duncan Lord, Director, Core Operations Delivery Management, Barclays
  • Matthew Cook, Senior Markets Manager, Capital Markets and FX, SWIFT

The webinar will be hosted and moderated by Dominic Hobson of Hobson Cardew, an independent financial consultant and commentator.

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There are currently no scheduled sessions for this webinar.