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Customer Security Controls Framework

Learn more about Customer Security Controls and the Independent Assessment Framework


In July 2019, SWIFT published the Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF) v2020. This document provides information on security controls, general guidance and clarifications, as well as the associated implementation guidelines.

In early 2020, we also published the Independent Assessment Framework (IAF). This supports users and assessors in carrying out their respective responsibilities throughout the CSCF assessment process, and in verifying that users’ attestations correspond with their actual level of security control implementation.

How to access these documents

These documents can be found by logging in to mySWIFT with your credentials and going to the Knowledge Centre (User Handbook) > Products A-Z > Customer Security Programme (CSP).

Want to find out more?

We would like to invite you to attend this information session to:

  • Learn more about the Independent Assessment Framework (IAF) and the Customer Security Control Framework (CSCF)
  • Engage with us and ask questions about the practical aspects of maintaining CSP in your organisation
  • Get an overview of the controls
  • Learn about the timeframes and schedules for deployment
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