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Completing the last leg of the payments journey

How will the world look when all payments come with final confirmation? Join our webinar hosted by Aite Group’s David Bannister to discover the benefits of universal confirmations.

The world of cross-border payments is changing. The customer experience of moving money internationally has been transformed thanks to SWIFT gpi. Every day $300 billion in cross-border payments travel with speed, transparency and end-to-end tracking between financial institutions.

And by the end of 2020, every payment sent via SWIFT will come with final confirmation on its outcome: whether it’s credited to the end beneficiary, on hold or transferred outside of the SWIFT ecosystem.

This opens up a realm of new opportunities for financial institutions and their customers.

Register for this session to find out more about what those opportunities are, and how to unlock them.

Moderated by: David Bannister, Senior Analyst at Aite Group, Wholesale Banking

Panellists include:

- Fabien Depasse, Head of SWIFT gpi Customer Success, SWIFT
- Craig Ramsey, Head of Real-Time Payments, ACI Worldwide
- Kristen Hanlon, Business Systems Analyst III, UMB

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