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Regional Conference 18 June 2019

SWIFT message traffic grows 4.4% in Africa

Figures released at SWIFT’s 26th African Regional Conference show much stronger growth in particular regions, including...
Standards 12 June 2019

SWIFT pushes for greater automation in FX

Collaboration needed in standards across FX markets
Payments 3 June 2019

SWIFT selected as a Network Service Provider to all TARGET services

SWIFT has been awarded the license to offer connectivity services to all Eurosystem market infrastructures via...
GPI 21 May 2019

SWIFT trials instant cross-border gpi payments through TIPS

Banks from France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain join with SWIFT to test real-time gpi cross-border...
GPI 2 May 2019

SWIFT extends integrated payments toolkit

SWIFT launches frictionless case resolution service with major global banks
Company Information 24 April 2019

Javier Pérez-Tasso appointed as SWIFT Chief Executive Officer

Board appoints new CEO
Payments 11 April 2019

SWIFT admitted to next phase of tender for connectivity to TARGET services

SWIFT committed to offering connectivity services to all Eurosystem market infrastructures via the European Single Market...
Cyber Security 10 April 2019

SWIFT report gives new insights into cyber threats

- Attackers adjust Modus Operandi and fraudulent payment profiles - Increased vigilance enables early fraud detection...
Standards 4 April 2019

International experts support ISO 20022 migration

- SWIFT convenes working group of international standards experts - Group to formulate guidelines for the...