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19 September 2013

Misys and SWIFT partner on reference data

Misys and SWIFT have signed a partnership agreement which will see Misys increase the usage of...
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3 September 2013

SWIFT Adds BIC to LEI Directory to its SWIFTRef Platform

New directory will enable easy mapping between Business Identifier Codes (BICs) and Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI)
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14 August 2013

Patrik Neutjens, Head of Reference Data at SWIFT, talks about the SWIFTRef global utility project

In an interview with the renowned Finextra journalist, Elizabeth Lumley, Patrik Neutjens discusses SWIFTRef’s noteworthy global...
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3 July 2013

Volante joins SWIFTRef partner programme to offer a single source for payments reference data management

By joining SWIFTRef, Volante users will have access to SWIFT for all their payments reference data...
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10 June 2013

Surecomp joins the SWIFTRef Partner Programme

Surecomp, a leading provider of global trade solutions for banks and corporations, today confirmed that it...
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10 May 2013

SWIFT adds Daily Updates to the SWIFTRef Platform

Helping financial institutions and corporates reduce industry inefficiencies and comply with MiFID and SEPA regulations
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22 March 2013

Learn about SWIFTRef's online directories offering

To enhance straight-through-processing of international and SEPA payments, to reduce processing costs and to speed up...
3 March 2013

Widening corridors across the Pacific

While the US and Europe have been struggling with the economic downturn as a result of...