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SWIFT at Sibos 2020: What to expect

SWIFT at Sibos 2020: What to expect

23 September 2020 | 4 min read

Sibos is going digital, and so is our SWIFT at Sibos programme. The world’s premiere financial services event will continue to offer its top-notch stable of speakers and panels to keep the financial industry talking. And you’re invited.

From shelter-in-place orders to limits on social gatherings, this year has been anything but business as usual. And while a great number of high-profile summits and conferences have fallen victim to the pandemic, many – including Sibos – have adapted to this new normal

For the first time in over 40 years, Sibos is going completely digital. With so much happening, coming together to discuss the challenges and opportunities the industry faces has never been more pertinent for the financial community. This cornerstone event is not only the ideal virtual venue for these conversations to take place, but it’s also open to the entire SWIFT community for free.

Complementing Sibos’ ever-impressive agenda, SWIFT will again host a series of expert talks, demos, and strategy sessions designed to help our customers navigate these challenging times.

SWIFT at Sibos in a nutshell

Collaboration, digitisation and innovation are at the heart of our agenda, and there is something for everyone

New SWIFT strategy

We recently announced our ambitious new strategy to enable financial institutions to deliver instant and frictionless end-to-end transactions from one account to another anywhere in the world.

Join our SWIFT strategy sessions for payments and securities to learn more about how we are expanding beyond financial messaging to provide comprehensive transaction management services and the benefits this will bring to your business.


In addition to our payments strategy session, we’ll dive deeper into a few key initiatives coming up. The first is fast approaching, with 22 November 2020 the deadline to start confirming the outcome of your customer payments. In the session, Universal Confirmations: The final countdown, hear the experience of your peers that are already confirming their payments and learn more about the tools available to help you. 

Another major market initiative on the horizon is adoption of ISO 20022 for cross-border payments and reporting – and now is the time to prepare. Don’t miss Your guide to ISO 20022 adoption and ensure you’re fully in the know ahead of the migration start date of November 2022. 

Finally, we’re working with our community to develop an exciting new service aimed at consumers and SMEs. In Making low-value cross-border payments simple, learn more about our new initiative to transform the experience of sending low-value cross-border payments from account to account, making it fast, predictable and easy.


Our strategy session for capital markets is a must attend for anyone active in the securities industry. But that’s not all. The Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) is keeping financial institutions in preparation-mode. Ready or not, CSDR is coming: Practical steps to address the challenge features an expert panel discussing the impact the regulation will have on market participants and what you can do to ensure your preparations are on track. 

Trade finance

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted supply chains and working practices around the world. With couriers struggling to get through to lockdown locations in a timely way, the pandemic has also been a catalyst to digitise trade process. In the session Joining forces for trade digitisation: SWIFT, the United Nations, and the Singapore Government, learn more about how we’re collaborating across the ecosystem to help accelerate progress.

APIs and Cloud

With digitalisation comes new possibilities, and API technology is at the forefront of innovation in financial services. In the session Realising an open API economy in financial services, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits APIs are delivering to financial institutions and their customers, what needs to be done next to foster an open API economy, and how firms are best able to monetise their API investment. 

Cloud is another area where financial institutions are increasingly looking to gain greater agility, lower costs and provide better customer experiences. In The Trailblazers: Feedback from the first Alliance Cloud users, get a first-hand look at our new cloud messaging interface and the benefits it can bring to you.

Cybersecurity and fraud

The security and resilience of our network is fundamental to SWIFT. Get an update on the evolving cyber threats and trends, and how our Customer Security Programme can help you meet the challenge, in our session CSP Evolution and Effectiveness. And in Fighting fraud: A global challenge, we’ll explore the collaboration required for financial institutions to keep one step ahead of detecting and preventing fraud.

Interested in attending?

To follow the sessions online, you must first register on sibos.com. Registration is free of charge and open to the entire SWIFT community. 

Find our more about the SWIFT at Sibos programme and how to register