SWIFT & BAE Joint Report: evolving techniques

1 March 2018

Episode 3 gives some insights into the evolving sophistication of the attacks from the joint report on the evolving cyber threat to the banking industry

Expert report showcases insights learnt from forensic studies of cyber-attacks on customers around the world, illustrating the sophistication of attackers’ tactics and techniques and evidencing the positive impact of SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme. The report describes how there has been a significant evolution in the cyber threat facing the global financial industry over the last 18 months as adversaries have significantly advanced their knowledge.

Swift BAE video3 thumbSWIFT & BAE Joint Report: evolving techniques

The third in the series of four episodes provides an insight into the evolving sophistication of the attack techniques, as highlighted by the report’s case study.

“Over the last 18 months, we have observed that the attackers are using more and more sophisticated techniques to circumvent the global controls of our customer environments.”

- Dries Watteyne, Head of Customer Security Intelligence, SWIFT

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