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SWIFT & BAE Joint Report: defences

SWIFT & BAE Joint Report: defences

Cyber Security,
15 March 2018

Episode 4 looks at the different techniques for defending against cyber attacks

Expert report showcases insights learnt from forensic studies of cyber-attacks on customers around the world, illustrating the sophistication of attackers’ tactics and techniques and evidencing the positive impact of SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme. The report describes how there has been a significant evolution in the cyber threat facing the global financial industry over the last 18 months as adversaries have significantly advanced their knowledge.

Cyber Security in the Financial Industry
cyber security
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SWIFT & BAE Joint Report: defences

The final episode in the series looks at what steps organisations can take to defend against cyber attacks.

There are a lot of actions you can take to reduce the likelihood of an attack, or to reduce the effect when an attack happens.

Karel De Kneef, Security Operations Director, SWIFT