Stephen Gilderdale, Chief Platform Officer, writes in Euromoney

2 November 2018

How APIs are shaping the future of payments

In a recent article for Euromoney, SWIFT’s Chief Platform Officer Stephen Gilderdale shows how SWIFT is at the centre of efforts to avoid fragmentation, isolation, and the needless complexities that could frustrate attempts to build the services customers want.

As anyone who attended or tuned into this year’s Sibos will know, no acronym featured more frequently than API – application programming interfaces. APIs are a hot topic at the moment in financial services and several sessions at Sibos explored how standards can accelerate their adoption.

Stephen Gilderdale, Chief Platform Officer, writes in Euromoney

Following recent developments that SWIFT has led on – such as the new blueprint for common API standards in Europe and the launch of a ‘sandbox’ for testing APIs in Australia via the NPP – this article provides a timely look at how SWIFT is helping the industry to achieve more together. 

It demonstrates how, as pressure from regulators and customers shift banking towards more open access to financial services, SWIFT is playing a lead role in unlocking the potential of API technology by providing the neutral collaboration platform to develop the common data standards the industry needs.

Read the full article in Euromoney.







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