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Sibos 2019 kicks off in London

Sibos 2019 kicks off in London

23 September 2019

Sibos 2019 is well underway. Over the next four days, more than 11,000 financial and technology professionals will come together to shape the future for our industry.

Our experts will join a unique mix of thought leaders, innovators and the next generation of financial professionals, to explore the theme: reinventing payments.

Over the past few years, the ways in which value flows around the world have fundamentally changed. And SWIFT has been at the centre of this change – improving the cross-border payments experience for the 11,000 banks, corporates, market infrastructures and securities players that form the SWIFT community.

Sibos 2019 kicks off in London
SWIFT at Sibos
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Sibos 2019 kicks off in London

So, what’s next? That’s the starting point for the SWIFT programme at Sibos. We’re looking at the new frontiers of the payments revolution – from regulation and compliance, to security and fraud; and from data and standards, to the opportunities enabled by APIs and cloud-based solutions.

We’re also looking at the factors that will drive the markets in the coming years, and how we can harness the power of the SWIFT network to realise the many opportunities we have as an industry. These include:

  • Instant international payments
  • Adoption of ISO 20022 as the new global standard
  • Universal payment confirmations
  • The role of open banking in improving customer experience

Find out more about the SWIFT at Sibos programme here.