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Unlocking fast, transparent and trackable payments in the capital markets

Unlocking fast, transparent and trackable payments in the capital markets

19 September 2019

Find out how you could cut post-trade costs

Capital markets are under pressure. The burden of regulatory compliance, the higher cost of capital, the tightening squeeze on fees and margins, coupled with demands from customers for greater transparency and real-time data, are all forcing capital markets intermediaries to adapt.

Investment banks, brokers, custodians, asset managers and CSDs all need to find new sources of profitable growth as well as cut costs and risks. 

SWIFT gpi is already improving the user experience in cross-border payments as well as reducing costs and risks in correspondent banking – and it offers capital markets firms equivalent benefits.

At the heart of SWIFT gpi is the ability to track and confirm a payment in real-time and an end-to-end processing service level agreement. This enables users to manage payments pro-actively, ensuring critical deadlines are never missed, and to cut operational costs by reducing the number of failed trades. Knowing whether a payment will arrive on time can also cut the cost of liquidity dramatically.

Through specific use cases, this paper explains how SWIFT gpi can improve a range of post-trade processes today, including:

  • Treasury management
  • Reconciliation
  • Corporate actions
  • Margin calls
  • Fund management

It also marks the first tangible step towards the realisation of an objective the capital markets have pursued since the turn of the century: the transformation, through collective effort and collaboration, of post-trade operations.

Find out how you could cut costs and reduce risk in your cross-border payments