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SWIFT’s KYC Registry: the key to overcoming KYC challenges

SWIFT’s KYC Registry: the key to overcoming KYC challenges

Financial Crime Compliance,
24 April 2018

Deutsche Bank cites The KYC Registry as the driving force behind industry change


As stricter KYC regulatory compliance pushes financial institutions to seek new ways of driving operational efficiencies and reduce costs, a shared repository of KYC information is indispensable.

Clients that make their data available to us via The KYC Registry benefit from a smoother and streamlined review as part of the regular KYC process the bank has to undertake.

Deutsche Bank

Five KYC essentials

Deutsche Bank is already working with the banking community to derive value from SWIFT’s KYC Registry, and their latest blog - Five KYC essentials – looks at:

  • KYC challenges. How have they evolved for correspondent banks in recent years, and how they are adjusting their processes.
  • Role of utilities. How the KYC Registry supports banks’ KYC efforts.
  • Collaborative approach. How Deutsche Bank and others are working together to meet correspondent banks’ changing needs.
  • APIs in data collection. Using them to pull data from a common repository
  • Regulatory change. What’s around the corner?

We’re keen for as many of our correspondent banks to use The KYC Registry as possible.

Deutsche Bank
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The KYC Registry: It's all about you