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Securities at Sibos: Three key themes at this year’s conference

Securities at Sibos: Three key themes at this year’s conference

17 October 2018

What are the key issues facing the securities industry? Find out at Sibos

From assessing new technologies to protecting against cybercrime and ensuring compliance with regulations – there are a host of hot topics facing securities professionals today.


This year’s Sibos Securities programme will address the key issues facing the industry. Here are the top three themes from the agenda.

1. The securities industry of tomorrow: Is change on the horizon?

The payments landscape has undergone momentous change in the past few years, driven by changing customer demands, new regulations, competition from new entrants and advances in technology. However, whilst there were clear drivers for change in banking, are there similar triggers for a large-scale change in securities?

Our two sessions ‘Capital Markets: Is the enemy within?’ and ‘Inside capital markets: Do new asset management business models have the power to disrupt the post trade ecosystem?’ will address the issues head on, and ask the question whether the industry’s response to factors such as new technology and regulation has been tactical, reactive and short sighted rather than transformational.

Is there a need to redefine and transform capital markets and if so, how can the industry address the threats it faces collectively?

2. Data: Where do the opportunities lie?

It is often said that data is the new gold, none more so in securities where the battle for marginal gains means firms are competing more than ever to consume and leverage data better to add value to their business and customers.

The session ‘The Golden Age of information: How can new technology break big data challenges?’ featuring speakers from Citi and DTCC, will look at how firms are developing and deploying technology to maximise big data, whilst juggling with questions around data protection and standardisation.

Also under the spotlight will be how tech such as DLT and APIs will shape the industry, and whether these technologies have the ability to scale to handle the complexity of the industry, and provide the high-levels of security, scalability and reach needed to become mainstream solutions.

3. Cyber-crime and fraud: are securities next?

Have the high-profile nature of cyber-attacks on the payments industry made the securities world complacent about the potential threat?

With many entry points and a reliance on centralised functions, the securities value chain is no less susceptible to cyber-attacks. And the development of due diligence, disclosure requirements, compliance monitoring and screening practices – while a step in the right direction – could lead to significant operational costs without harmonisation and cross-industry standards.

How can the industry arm itself in the fight against cyber-crime? What tools can it deploy to wade off would be perpetrators of attacks? Is there a need for clear common industry standards? And how much information is it safe or fitting to share publicly?

Our sessions ‘Cyber-attacks in the securities market? Hold on, I thought it was just a payments problem?’ and ‘Financial Crime Compliance in securities’, hosted in collaboration with the International Securities Services Association (ISSA), will attempt to answer those questions.

Juliette Kennel, Head of Securities and FX Markets at SWIFT, says: “The Securities programme at this year’s Sibos addresses some of the fundamental issues shaping the industry today.

“Whilst the new opportunities around big data processing, and new tech such as APIs and DLT, present exciting opportunities for securities players, these are tempered by the growing risk of cyber-crime, fraud and increased regulatory scrutiny.

The onus is on all of the community, whether it be custodians, broker-dealers, asset managers, central securities depositories or other market infrastructures, to tackle these challenges collectively.

“The Sibos Securities programme provides the perfect platform to nurture this collaboration, bringing together some of the eminent speakers and players in the industry to share their insights and experiences to keep us all abreast of the latest developments.”

Join the debate, visit the Sibos website for the full Securities stream programme.