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A new way to fight fraud

A new way to fight fraud

Financial Crime Compliance,
13 February 2019

Insights from Sibos 2018

Protection is key when it comes to dealing with fraudsters who are increasingly innovative, and work with subtlety in an attempt to stay undetected. 

Launched at Sibos 2018, SWIFT Payment Controls is a new anti-fraud solution, and an integral part of our Customer Security Programme. This in-network fraud solution is already helping banks prevent payments fraud and protect their financial assets.

It puts you back in control and lets you focus on creating value for your customers and your business

Watch this video from Sibos 2018 for a deep dive into Payment Controls. Find out how it works to protect your institution against fraud in real time, reduce reputational risk and build trust within our community.  

Sibos 2018 - SWIFT Payment Controls session
Financial Crime Compliance
45 min view

Sibos 2018 - SWIFT Payment Controls session