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Latin American Regional Conference (LARC) 2018 wrap-up

Latin American Regional Conference (LARC) 2018 wrap-up

Regional Conference,
15 June 2018

Latin American Regional Conference (LARC) 2018 fosters open innovation and collaboration in the region.

More than 500 business leaders and industry experts attended SWIFT’s Latin American Regional Conference 5-6 June in Miami– a city acclaimed as the financial and innovation hub for Latin America & the Caribbean.

Opening the event, Juan Martinez, Managing Director, Latin America & the Caribbean at SWIFT noted how technologies are a tool for providing more and better services for customers. He cited areas such as real-time payments, open APIs, cyber security and the rise of fintechs, as key issues and opportunities, both in Latin America and around the world. 

LARC 2018 Wrap up video
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