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MyStandards V1.7 has been released

MyStandards V1.7 has been released

29 May 2015

This has been probably the most consultative release to date: Customer consultation rounds were kicked-off in October last year and the roll-out started early 2015. We are now confident that the documentation outputs and related features are fully fit-for-purpose and set a new benchmark for the industry.

Find Out More

We have compiled a list of resources to go through in order to be fully up to date on this release and also on future releases.

  • MyStandards V1.7 Release Note
  • Premium Training webinars, in particular the video "Getting the most out of documentation".
    Note, access to this requires logging in to MyStandards.
  • 2015Q1 Quarterly Update, including the recorded webinar and slides
  • MyStandards V2.0, with a focus on consumer orientation and publisher usability
  • MyStandards Future Iterations

Of course, we welcome any additional input and questions to ensure that we are going in the right direction.

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