8 February 2014

March 2014: new version of myProfile on swift.com

On 22 March 2014 SWIFT will deploy on swift.com a new version of “Personal Profile”, the application to manage your profile on swift.com.

This new version will have a new User Interface and will provide new functions for swift.com administrators. The most important changes for administrators are:

  • A more flexible way to delegate user administration
  • A possibility to define standard profiles that are used when new users register on swift.com
  • An improved user report

You can find a description of the changes and new features in a document on swift.com with Frequently Asked Questions. It is available in Knowledge Base TIP 5018641.

IMPORTANT: swift.com administrators must handle all pending registration requests and requests for changes of user profiles before 22 March. Pending requests will NOT be migrated to the new system. All requests that have not been handled by 22 March will be lost, and the user will have to request the registration or change of profile again in the new system.