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Innotribe at Sibos 2018

Innotribe at Sibos 2018

10 September 2018

A journey into the future

For this year’s Sibos in Sydney, SWIFT Innotribe is taking a jump to the year 2030.  Each day will feature a different theme examining the capabilities that today’s nascent technologies could bring to the financial services industry, looking at the important aspects of how to build  and secure the future.

Innotribe at Sibos 2018
Sibos 2018
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Innotribe at Sibos 2018

This year’s Innotribe at Sibos is about bringing these pieces - data provided by decentralisation, the processing power from quantum computing and the decision making power of AI  - together and tackle the 800 pound elephant in the room – how do we secure this future state and respect everyone’s privacy along the way?