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SWIFT Community Updates bring together leaders from the across the industry and SWIFT to discuss key trends and share insights on the issues that matter to our community. For the latest insights, watch these session recordings on demand.

Table of contents

Our vision for instant, frictionless payments

As the financial industry’s neutral and trusted infrastructure provider, we help our community of over 11,000 institutions move value around the world reliably and securely. As we have progressively expanded what we do, we have evolved how we deliver.

Watch this session to learn how SWIFT’s exciting new strategy will help the industry take another leap forward – fundamentally transforming payments and securities processing to help the community navigate the complex challenges we face today and remain prepared well into the future.

The future of payments: A corporate and central bank view

Innovation in payments is on the rise – driven by new market entrants, changing technologies and regulatory and compliance pressures. At the same time, corporate treasurers are increasingly demanding the same level of experience and ease of use in their professional lives as they receive in their personal lives.

But what innovative solutions do corporate treasurers really want to see from their banking partners? And how can central banks ensure they are keeping pace with the rise in digital and instant payments whilst ensuring resilience and security are built in. Watch this session and find out.

The future of payments in an ever evolving digital landscape

Domestic and cross-border payments are the lifeblood of the economic system. Digital transformation is radically reshaping the provision of financial services, and the Covid-19 pandemic has further reinforced the shift to digital payments and highlighted the importance of safe, convenient, transactions for businesses as well as consumers.

Watch this session on how the financial ecosystem is evolving at both the regional and global level and the key payment trends set to impact customers, banks and the financial services industry in 2021 and beyond.

The SWIFT platform

Sending payments across borders takes high levels of collaboration, communication, and trust. Making that experience as straightforward, simple, and secure as possible is the spirit in which SWIFT was started, and it remains our mission to this day. By transforming the SWIFT platform to orchestrate transactions end-to-end, we are taking the next step towards enabling instant, frictionless cross-border, account-to-account payments.

Watch this session to discover how we plan to enhance the payments experience and the benefits that it will be deliver to end users.

What is the right technology for your digital transformation?

In a fast changing world, every organisation should question the technology it uses and ensure it is ready to cope with future business needs. Crucial decisions must be made at a time when IT budgets are shrinking, while Cloud spending continues to grow, and new standards (ISO 20022, API) integration demands immediate attention.

Watch this session as leading experts share their views and expectations on key priorities, opportunities and threats as the industry moves towards an instant and frictionless payment environment.