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New game, new rules

Join us in Stockholm on 31 March to explore how financial institutions in the Nordics can capitalise on market needs and developments that are underway in the payments and securities landscape to deliver a superior experience to customers.

The SWIFT Nordics Forum brings together senior members of the financial community across the Nordics to look at trends in financial services, discuss the challenges and opportunities for financial institutions and hear what SWIFT is doing to support its customers in this dynamic environment.

The event represents a unique networking opportunity to meet with your peers and to join the discussions with regulatory authorities, major banks and market infrastructures.

Join us to discuss how the financial community is embracing digital transformation and preparing for major industry change.
Head of Europe North, SWIFT

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Bringing the Nordics financial services community together

Today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape is influenced by market needs and developments, as well as new technologies and capabilities. Business models are being reviewed, processes re-engineered and the digitisation of financial services is becoming a reality. 

Today, it is critical for banks to focus on being agile, innovative and client-oriented, whilst maintaining their core strengths of security, balance sheet strength, industry knowledge and trust.

With the modernisation of market infrastructures, how will the services that banks provide their customers evolve? Do we know what customers will need in the years to come and how we, as a financial community will support these needs in an agile, cost-effective and efficient way?

Over the next few years, we will see even more changes take place in the payments landscape with, for example, the Eurosystem’s TARGET consolidation project, ongoing payments initiatives in the Nordics and the global adoption of ISO 20022. This new messaging standard will serve to fulfill market needs for improved compliance, increased efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.

Advances in technology - such as artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technology, cloud and APIs - offer significant opportunities for incumbents and fintechs alike to transform the payments sector. Increasing digitalisation will require banks to further step up innovation to ensure they are prepared to incorporate the best of the new technologies, and adapt their business models and commercial offerings where appropriate.

How is the cloud changing the way we store and consume data? How far have banks come in developing their cloud strategies? Can we expect to see APIs or DLT to become the communication layers of the future? And how will these developments impact the customer experience? 

As major regulatory and market infrastructure projects come to fruition, and banks redefine their value propositions for both their retail and wholesale customers, the financial community needs to address how these evolutions will impact the payments and securities landscape in the coming years.


The Brewery Conference Centre

Münchenbryggeriet is a classic institution and an essential element to Stockholm’s cityscape. It is also a beloved landmark of an industrial era long gone. Münchenbryggeriet has engaged in environmental issues for many years and its goal is to be Sweden’s most sustainable meeting place.