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Laetitia Moncarz

Laetitia Moncarz

Director, Payments Markets, ASEAN, SWIFT

Laetitia Moncarz's main focus is on SWIFT’s strategic payments initiatives related to Correspondent Banking, Renminbi internationalization and Intraday liquidity. In this role, Laetitia partners extensively with the banking and financial community to support the development of their cash and payments business.
Prior to join SWIFT, she was the Head of Correspondent Banking for Asia-Pacific at BNP Paribas Singapore, where she was responsible for correspondent services to the BNP Paribas Group in RMB, HKD, and INR currencies as well as services provided by correspondent banks to BNP Paribas Asian entities. Previously, Laetitia worked for Coface, an Export Credit Agency in Singapore where she was in charge of Marketing & Commercial operations.