22 March 2018
Zurich, Switzerland

SWIFT Business Forum Switzerland 2018

Welcome to the SWIFT Business Forum Switzerland

This free event, reserved exclusively for SWIFT customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, will focus on the key trends affecting the financial industry as a whole and most importantly in Switzerland.

Alain Raes @ Business Forum Switzerland 2017The world of banking is at an inflection point; technology, regulation and cyber-crime are all evolving at a rapid pace. Banks need to stay resilient, secure and compliant, whilst being agile and innovative to remain competitive and meet the expectations of their customers. In this highly dynamic environment, collaboration is key to stay ahead of the curve and find common solutions to common challenges.

Excellent format and content as well as a great opportunity to meet and discuss SWIFT topics with peers.

The programme for this one-day event will combine keynote speeches and panel discussions to address a number of topics including:

  • How the industry can collaborate to combat cyber threats
  • How technology and shared platforms can help to increase efficiency in financial crime compliance
  • The impact that the rise of real-time payments in Europe and across the world will have on retail and wholesale banking
  • How new technologies, such as AI and Robotics might change the way banks operate in future
You will hear from SWIFT’s CEO and SWIFT’s Chairman as well as renowned industry speakers, alongside SWIFT experts, on all of these topics and learn about what SWIFT is doing to meet the needs of its community. As always, this one-day event will be an excellent opportunity to discuss and share experiences on topics of great relevance to you and your business.

I look forward to seeing you the Business Forum!

Cristina Crigo





Cristina Rigo
Head of SWIFT Switzerland


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