18 April 2018
Moscow, Russia

SWIFT Business Forum Moscow 2018

SWIFT Business Forum Moscow 2018 and ROSSWIFT Annual General Meeting

This text is also available in Russian.

Solid foundations for a successful future

Welcome to the SWIFT Business Forum Moscow 2018 and ROSSWIFT AGM.

This one-day free event, reserved exclusively for SWIFT users in Russia and taking place for the 9th year in a row, will focus on key trends affecting the financial industry as a whole and most importantly in Russia. Given the success of the format, the event will once again combined with the ROSSWIFT AGM plenary session, dynamic panel discussions and networking sessions.

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Given the record attendance that this event has reached, with 470 participants joining us in 2017, the event represents a unique networking opportunity to join the discussions with regulatory authorities, major banks and market infrastructures.

"Excellent format and content as well as a great opportunity to meet and discuss SWIFT topics with peers."

BF Moscow 2018

The programme for this one-day event will combine keynote speeches and panel discussions to address a number of topics including:

  • Russian payment landscape
  • How to strenghten banks’ cyber safety and keep up with the progress made
  • SWIFT gpi: experience of the first Russian banks live with SWIFT gpi
  • Outcome of the ISO 20022 migration study
  • Lastest developments on SWIFT products and services

You will also hear from SWIFT’s CEO and SWIFT’s Chief Executive for EMEA and Asia Pacific regions, as well as renowned industry speakers, alongside SWIFT experts, on major topics on the agenda of the financial industry.

The event will be conducted in Russian, with English simultaneous translation.
We look forward to seeing you at the SWIFT Business Forum in Moscow.

Natalia Dirks
Chairperson Rosswift Steering Committee

Matthieu de Heering
Head of Central and Eastern Europe, EMEA, SWIFT


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Business Forum Moscow 2017

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