Participate in highly interactive work sessions and demos at the SWIFTLab and get the most out of SWIFT at ARC 2017


ARC 2017 features the SWIFT Lab, which will allow delegates to experience SWIFT’s products and services first hand. It is also a great opportunity to see the ongoing R&D work being carried out by SWIFT to develop new concepts, products and business models.

There will be a targeted pre-event workshop as well as a full programme of work sessions focused on how SWIFT’s products and services can support your business.

SWIFT gpi pre-event workshop

Monday 15 May 2017 - 14:00-17:30

Pre-event workshop on SWIFT global payments innovation initiative

Banks around the world are working with SWIFT to deliver the SWIFT gpi initiative and create the next era for correspondent banking.

The initiative is a robust response to evolving bank and corporate needs for enhanced customer service and operational efficiency.  And it delivers an enhanced value proposition for correspondent banking by addressing key challenges facing the industry. Discover how this initiative is transforming the cross-border payments landscape and will enhance the end-customers’ experience.

National Payment Systems workshop

Thursday 18 May 2017 - 10:15-13:15

Powered by BankServAfrica, McKinsey & Company & SWIFT

Workshop outline

African central banks and finance ministries are realizing that good payments infrastructure is vital plumbing for a prosperous emerging economy. A sound, efficient and highly accessible national payment system can fast-track economic development, but weak infrastructure can frustrate it.  In many countries in Africa, the banking community is engaged in debates about how to design payments infrastructure that will serve the needs of businesses and consumers, now and into the future. Global development agencies see the same challenge, and are redirecting financial aid into building better payments infrastructure as a way of kick-starting economic development.

But where do we start?  Is person-to-person mobile the key to success?  Can domestic business activity prosper without modern real-time funds transfer? And how can this be done in a way that provides flexibility for the future but keeps costs down?  Will investing in domestic card payments infrastructure yield faster development? Should the national design leap-frog legacy technology altogether and go straight to digital rich data solutions?

Who should attend?  

This workshop is designed for anyone interested in design of national payments infrastructure to support the economy as it grows – economic policymakers, central bankers, banking and payments associations and senior bankers.

Why attend?

Drawing on global expertise in leading edge payment systems design, the workshop will seek to apply the lessons of current efforts in payment system redesign in the developed world to the special circumstances of emerging economies. Right now, countries from Canada to India are engaged in wholesale payment systems redesign – and we can learn from them to benefit Africa.


You can register for this event by adding this workshop as an option to your ARC 2017 registration.


BankservAfrica is the largest payments clearing and settlements house in Africa and FMI (financial market infrastructure) solutions provider. 

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm deeply committed to helping African organisations achieve lasting success, and serving a broad range of financial institutions.

SWIFT is a global member-owned cooperative and the world's leading provider of secure financial messaging services.

Work sessions

Tuesday 16 May - Thursday 18 May 2017

Join our SWIFT experts and attend seven interactive work sessions during ARC 2017.

Key topics include:

Customer Security Programme (CSP)

SWIFT customers are individually responsible for the security of their own environments, however, the security of the industry as a whole is a shared responsibility. As an industry cooperative, SWIFT is committed to playing an important role in reinforcing and safeguarding the security of the wider ecosystem. SWIFT has therefore launched the Customer Security Programme (CSP), which aims to improve information sharing throughout the community, enhance SWIFT-related tools for customers and provide audit frameworks. Through the programme, we will also share best practices for fraud detection and enhance support by third party providers. Join this workshop for a deep-dive on the five strategic initiatives of the CSP programme and expand your knowledge on how to be fully protected against hackers.


After more than 30 years of training our members through open classrooms, SWIFT has launched a full eLearning experience, SWIFTSmart. Join this demo session to discover all the features and content and learn how SWIFTSmart can help you to on board your staff  more quickly, increase their understanding of SWIFT, grow security awareness and decrease the number of operational day to day issues. Join this workshop to experience a new learning adventure  and make sure you are part of the next generation of learning.

SWIFT Compliance portfolio

Remaining compliant with ever-changing financial crime regulation is challenging and expensive and is not an easy task. You have to comply promptly and accurately with challenging regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions. As a result, compliance-related costs are increasing and require more internal resources. You’re charged with detecting illicit activity wherever it occurs. But you also have to keep control of costs and deliver unparalleled customer service. Come and join this session to discover the portfolio of innovative solutions inspired by the SWIFT community that will help you meet these challenges and control the costs of financial crime compliance.

The Alliance family and integration services with  Alliance Access and Alliance Messaging Hub

Find out about upcoming changes in the Alliance family with details about Release 7.2 and a view on SWIFT’s roadmap. In addition, we will share with you some of the latest developments in our Consulting and Integration Services portfolio. We will focus on the operational excellence offering as well as the tailor-made solutions. We will also highlight Alliance Messaging Hub, our highly customisable financial platform, and demonstrate how we have helped clients with complex integration and business application requirements.

Cloud interfaces

Join this session to learn more about the SWIFT Community Cloud  success story and our offering. The session, which will cover Alliance Lite2, Alliance Remote Gateway, Alliance Lifeline and Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications, will highlight how these solutions are helping make it easier, quicker, cheaper and more effective to do business.


The availability and continuity of SWIFT connectivity is critical for financial institutions and corporates. As a SWIFT user, you understand how important your connection is to your operations. But what if an emergency disrupts your access to the SWIFT network? In this session you will learn about how SWIFT solutions can keep your operations up and running at all times.


With the globalisation trend, corporates have become more and more international and want industry-standard ways to work with multiple banking partners for cash, trade and corporate treasury. Join this session to discover why more and more corporates are joining the SWIFT network, and hear directly from a corporate that has already streamlined and simplified the complexity of its multi-banking communication using SWIFT for Corporates solutions.


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Our Solutions

SWIFT for Corporates

A portfolio of solutions for corporates built to overcome the challenges of multi-banking


Customer Security Programme (CSP)

Reinforcing the security of the global banking system

Compliance & Shared services

Compliance and Shared Services

Our collaborative solutions meet the challenges of financial crime compliance, and help to reduce cost, complexity and risk.


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