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The security and compliance stream at Sibos 2019

Over the past decade, financial crime compliance has crystalised as a key concern for regulators and financial institutions. And as the sophistication of cyber attacks on financial networks increases, the need for industry-wide collaboration is paramount.

Evolving technology and faster payments are also increasing the number of threats facing global financial institutions. That’s why relevant and timely intelligence is a critical factor in effectively defending against cyber risk.  

This year we hear how the industry is responding to financial crime compliance challenges and understand what this could mean for your institution. Leading cybersecurity experts will also discuss how these threats are evolving and how the financial community can fight back.

We will also discuss the findings of SWIFT’s recent study that examines the benefits of promoting robust cybersecurity standards, and increasing the scope of sharing and quality of cyber threat intelligence.

Top sessions to attend

Ahead of the game: Outpacing the fraudsters


Monday 23 September

SWIFT Room 1

With institutional payment fraud now a multi-billion dollar industry, you must keep a step ahead to protect your organisation. 


Join this session to find out how a leading bank has taken measures to reduce the risk of institutional payment fraud across its business by:

  • using new processes and technologies to combat risk
  • introducing staff training and enablement programmes

Bangladesh Bank, 3 years on: Are we any safer?


Wednesday 25 September

SWIFT Room 1


In February 2016, Bangladesh Bank became the victim of an infamous cyberattack targeting the bank’s infrastructure, connected to the SWIFT network. 


What have we learned? Are things getting better or worse? 


Join us to discover:

  • how malicious attackers are successfully breaching financial institutions, escalating privileges, conducting recon and carrying out high-value payments fraud
  • the ways in which these attacks are evolving
  • the evolutions of the victims, end beneficiaries, currencies, message types and amounts to better screen and defend against these attacks

Break the chain: Cryptocurrencies and catching the bad guys 


Wednesday, 25 September

SWIFT Knowledge Bar


Cryptocurrencies are difficult to trace and liquid – while there are many potential benefits, they have created an opportunity for criminals and terrorist to exploit digital currencies for financing and money laundering. In order for AML and CTF strategies to be successful, cryptocurrencies must be more traceable. 

Join us for this session to learn about new technologies being used to search through the blockchain and zero in on illegal activity.

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