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The Payments stream at Sibos 2019

The pace of change in the world of payments is unrelenting. The proliferation of new technology, increasing customer expectations, and the availability of new business models are driving great strides in payments innovation, providing challenges but also opportunities for industry players. 

This year’s SWIFT@Sibos payments stream will get to the heart of the issues of the day. Discover how the SWIFT community, through the global payments innovation (gpi), is collectively delivering change and ushering in a new era in correspondent banking. Find out about our plans to bring payment confirmations to all SWIFT payments, and hear about our other initiatives to make cross-border payments as seamless as domestic ones.

Top sessions to attend

Your guide to the new era of global payments

Monday, 23 September 
Location: SWIFT Room 1

With SWIFT gpi, all SWIFT members - and their customers - can experience fast, traceable, and transparent cross-border payments.


Today more than 500 financial institutions are bringing the benefits of gpi to thousands of corporate and retail clients across countless country corridors in nearly 150 currencies. With over 56% of all SWIFT international transfers sent via gpi, we are truly entering a new era in global payments.


And there’s more to come. Building on this success, we’re moving rapidly to complement the core gpi service with a raft of additional services that will further speed up, reduce friction and bring innovation in international payments.


Join us to find out why SWIFT gpi should be your number one priority for 2020 and beyond:

  • how the community is quickly moving towards global gpi adoption 
  • the additional services we're developing 
  • the strategic evolution of gpi beyond 2020

SWIFT gpi: Revealing the roadmap 

Tuesday 24 September 

Location: SWIFT Room 1

SWIFT gpi has rapidly transformed the customer experience in cross-border payments. But the hard work doesn’t stop here. To stay ahead of the curve, the gpi community has designed, tested and in some cases already rolled out several new services powered by gpi.


New services in our bold roadmap of service developments include:

  • a gpi instant payments service to transfer cross-border payments in near real time 
  • a financial institution transfer tracking service for capital market players to efficiently manage and forecast intra-day liquidity positions 
  • a payment pre-validation service to improve payment STP-rates with APIs 
  • a case resolution service to speed up and simplify payment investigations
  • an inbound tracking service for faster reconciliation between corporate treasurers and financial institutions 
  • a gpi link service to ease payment settlement by e- commerce and trade platforms 

Join this session to hear directly from gpi members and corporates as they discuss how these new gpi services can bring further efficiencies and add value to your business.

Getting ready for mandatory payment credit confirmations


Tuesday 24 September


Location: SWIFT Knowledge Bar

Being able to track and confirm payments in real-time is fundamental in the world of modern commerce. As the industry prepares to adopt mandatory payment confirmations by 2020, find out what this means for you. 


In this session, you will get insights into the various implementation routes and get practical advices on the next steps to meet this critical deadline.

Upgrading to a faster and safer future of payments


Wednesday 25 September


Location: SWIFT Theatre

Join this session to discover how our SWIFT Standards services help you to upskill, accelerate and reduce risks implied by the changing landscape of payments, including the migration to ISO 20022.

ISO 20022 Programme for Vendors


Thursday, 26 September


Location: SWIFT Room 1

The adoption of ISO 20022 throughout the payments industry will deliver benefits to banks and their customers and regulators; but only if the systems they use are well adapted to the new language and protocol. This session is for the vendors of banking and payments systems, reconciliation systems, interfaces and integration solutions, and all ancillary products and services; hear about what information will be available to you and when, to enable you to plan your own ISO 20022 evolutions.
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